Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lifestyle | Insta-Catchup #2

 photo MarchInstagram1_zpsbavqviod.jpg Feeling the need to travel a lot recently, perhaps because of the winter weather. Hurry up Summer so I can start planning! // Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily have to be about a boy/girlfriend - sometimes our best friends are worth much more. // Catching up over a caffeine fix and study break - last years lent/caffeine detox will not be happening again this year I think!

 photo MarchInstagram2_zpsdmtzobbp.jpg Procrastinating from writing my dissertation. I'm feeling a bit more on track now but suprisingly daunted by the fact that it can only be 8,000 words - I though it would be too much but it's definitely not going to be enough. // Very wise words, naps are the best! I don't know why they aren't more of a thing I could have one every day and be much more productive for it. // Tasting my first ever Michelin star worthy food in Budapest. It definitely lived up to expectation - this wasn't actually my dessert but it's beetroot flavour and the macaron is in the colours of the Hungarian flag!

 photo MarchInstagram3_zpsz451hqe7.jpg Arriving back in England after a busy few days in Budapest, London looks pretty wonderful from the sky. // Welcoming March today - how is it already the third month of the year, where is the time going! This morning I was optimistic that Spring was around the corner, one afternoon full of snow later and I'm not so sure... // Showing Exeter to a friend, sometimes I forget how pretty this little city is. After almost four years of uni I'm definitely ready to move on, but I'll miss views like this! 

What have you been up to lately?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesday Wishlist #13 | Tea & Travels

 photo WednesdayWishlist11_zpsqrkdntcg.jpg
Clockwise from top left

Lindor chocolate is possibly my favourite and I was so excited to see that they had brought out a Strawberry & Cream version of their classic chocolate balls. I have yet to get my hands on these but can only imagine how yummy they'll be! (They're also on offer for £3.50 in Tesco I think!)

Choker style necklaces are an obsession at the moment for me, and this one is just so pretty with the little dreamcatcher charm.

Indeed Labs never fail to impress - Hydraluron is an absolute staple and I love Peptabright as well - so this would be a welcome addition. I'll be honest, I'm just so intrigued about the idea of a powder exfoliator!

My housemate got the black version of this gorgeous bra from H&M and it's so gorgeous I have to have this more spring coloured version!

Thanks to Em's recent instagram post, I think quite a few people are lusting after this beautiful Aspinal travel wallet. I've become very good when it comes to travel documents however this would be a great extra way to stay organised. Bargain version here!

Just how cute is this little teacup?! I saw it on Becky's blog, it reminds me of Chip from Beauty and the Beast and is so adorable.

A classic stripe top is something I see as an essential but have never got round to buying for some reason - so I can see this finding its way into my wardrobe very soon.

What have you been wishing for lately?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Film Review | 50 Shades of Grey

 photo 50ShadesofGreyMovieReview_zps7bviayds.jpg
The 50 Shades of Grey film has to be one of the most hyped up and talked about releases of 2015 so far (granted we are only in February, but I doubt another film will come as close for a while!). Based on the now infamous book trilogy of the same name, it's taken a long while for the screen version to finally hit cinemas - but was it worth the wait?

Last night, we finally got to see what the fuss was about. The atmosphere in the cinema was definitely very excitable - when the Magic Mike trailer came on eveyone cheered - however at last the opening credits hit the screen and from then on out it was laughter, cringing and conspiratorial whispering for a good 2 hours. I've read a lot of terrible reviews of the film, calling it lacking in chemistry, embarassing and "the worst film ever" - this is not one of those reviews (although I'm not disagreeing with all of those claims). Instead, in defence of 50 Shades of Grey, just putting it out there - I enjoyed this film.

By no means is it an Oscar contender. But then, the book was pretty terrible too - and we still bought and devoured it in our millions. The makers of the movie definitely relied on this fact (perhaps a little too much) and assumed the audience had already read it, as there were a lot of little details you just wouldn't get if you didn't already know. Anastasia had been updated into a slightly more strong willed and feisty version of her literary self, whilst Christian Grey was as brooding as ever. I wasn't sold on the choice of actors before the film, but they're winning me over. Not completely, but almost. 

The lines were cringe central, but then that's the same in the book - if you ask me, the filmmakers didn't have a lot to go on. Everything which was annoying in print was annoying on screen - the biting of the lip every other minute, for example. Thankfully they cut out the 'inner goddess'. There were definitely a lot of laugh out loud moments, purely because of how embarrasing the screenplay was at times, but honestly this added to the experience, if not in the intended way.

The most anticipated element, however, had to be those hyped up sex scenes, which were done relatively well and made up enough of the film that they were still an important feature without being too in your face. Given that the book is all about the sex, they could have done more but it's a film for mainstream release - go figure. 

All in all, this was a pretty well made adaptation of a massive hit book. I already loved the books, so perhaps I'm biased, but if you watch it with an open mind, not expecting an award-worthy classic, you won't be disappointed. The creators managed to navigate a potentially difficult situation to make an enjoyable, light film which doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. Yes, they could have done better, and it's not perfect. However despite this, and despite all the cristicism, I loved watching it. A terrible yet brilliant film.

P.S. I can't not mention the soundtrack - amazing. 

Have you sen 50 Shade of Grey? What did you think?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fitness | Running Playlist

 photo MyRunningPlaylist1_zpsw3vae1ei.jpg
Although I go to the gym on a pretty regular basis, running is something I've only recently taken up as an option for my trips. I always used to ignore the treadmill as to be quite honest, I get so bored running and for some reason it tires me out a lot more than a good session on the bike would. That's part of the reason I've started to include it in my workout, just for short amounts of time at the moment, as I wanted something to push me that I could work on getting better at. Whilst I'm yet to beat the boredom, I have found that having a good playlist to motivate me really helps (I tried watching the tv whilst running once and just couldn't do it, I need that extra push to make me want to keep going!). When the weather gets warmer and running outside is an option, I'm really hoping that that will keep my interest as I live in a beautiful part of the world and should really have taken advantage of it sooner, however even then I have a feeling that some feel good, fast paced music will be an essential! Don't be mistaken, I am definitely a total beginner and by no means a great runner, and will be pretty happy if I manage 2 miles, but I wanted to share what's on my running playlist at the's all music I wouldn't normally listen to but really keeps me going when I'm trying to resist the temptation to slow to a walk and never run again! I will definitely not get through even half of these in any one run, but they all give me the extra boost to make it that tiny bit further.

Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me
David Guetta - Ain't a Party
Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso - Calling (Lose my Mind)
DJ Fresh ft. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight
Hardwell - Spaceman
Alesso - Years
Sebastian Ingross & Tommy Trash - Reload
Cash Cash - Take Me Home
Calvin Harris ft. John Newman - Blame
David Guetta ft. Sia - Titanium
David Guetta ft. Sia - She Wolf
Alesso v. One Republic - If I Lose Myself

Do you have any running music suggestions? I'm in desperate need of a bit of an update so let me know :)


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